You know vocabulary is a vital component to any class but workbooks and lists of definitions just aren’t effective for students who spend most of their time on the web. VocabSushi Pro for Teachers brings the proven methods of VocabSushi into your classroom so you can monitor your students, assign work and give quizzes - effortlessly. It works perfectly with your curriculum or state tests and students from 5th grade and up absolutely love it because it makes learning vocab fun! Best of all, you can try it free for a full month.

Setting up a class is quick and easy

VocabSushi Pro is designed for flexibility. You can create as many teacher accounts and classes as you need. Each class can use one of our hand-selected, test-specific word lists and customize them as necessary. Change any word's difficulty level or definition, and even add new words.

Teachers create accounts for their students and can even upload a spreadsheet roster. Each class can have any number of students in it (up to the limit). Student email addresses are not necessary!

Get full access to VocabSushi Pro free for a month!

No obligation, no money now. Just try it with a class and see how it works!

Pricing Plans

Signing up is easy! Choose how many classes you'll set up with VocabSushi. Then choose between a 1 month plan or a year-long plan for an even better value.

1 Month

12 Months

1 Class

Up to 35 Seats

2 Classes

Up to 70 Seats

3 Classes

Up to 105 Seats

4 Classes

Up to 140 Seats

Need more seats? Check out our plans for schools.

VocabSushi Pro plans are based on seats and each selected plan will be limited to the number of seats purchased. A "seat" can be re-used by multiple students over the duration of the license. For example, if you have a 3-month class with 20 students at a time, just 20 seats can accommodate the 80 students who will use VocabSushi Pro over the entire year.