Whether you are an elementary, middle or high school, you’ll want to give your students the best vocab-learning tool on the web. Students love learning vocab and teachers love the ease with which they can monitor student progress, assign homework, and give quizzes. Dozens of schools have discovered the benefits of VocabSushi Pro for Schools in classrooms, libraries and computer rooms. If you are considering a truckload of vocab workbooks or outdated, overpriced software, consider this: a full month to try us out. You’ll discover that VocabSushi Pro is the best value for your school!

Setting up a class is quick and easy

VocabSushi Pro is designed for flexibility. You can create as many teacher accounts and classes as you need. Each class can use one of our hand-selected, test-specific word lists and customize them as necessary. Change any word's difficulty level or definition, and even add new words.

Teachers create accounts for their students and can even upload a spreadsheet roster. Each class can have any number of students in it (up to the limit). Student email addresses are not necessary!

Get full access to VocabSushi Pro free for a month!

No obligation, no money now. Just try it with a class and see how it works!

Annual Plans are pro-rated and expire September 1, 2012 and may be renewed at the regular price for the year. A "seat" can be re-used by multiple students over the duration of the license. For example, if you have a 3-month class with 20 students at a time, just 20 seats can accommodate the 80 students who will use VocabSushi Pro over the entire year.