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VocabSushi was awarded a Standard of Excellence award in the 2009 WebAwards.
VocabSushi was declared a Site of the Week by District Administration (The Magazine of School District Management).

VocabSushi In The News

Jeff Novich presented VocabSushi to the University of Pennsylvania Venture Association Demo Day in NYC on April 29, 2010. His presentation can be viewed here.

VocabSushi Helps You Increase Your Vocabulary
CenterNetworks | April 29, 2010
This is an interview with Jeff Novich, CEO and founder of VocabSushi, on Alderson-Broaddus College Radio WQAB 91.3 on April 1, 2010. The beginning is a little fuzzy but after a minute it goes back to normal. Click here to listen to the interview

Jeff Novich Interview
Alderson-Broaddus College Radio WQAB | April 1, 2010
An interview with Kirsten Winkler on, a blog about the education revolution happening on the web.

Jeff Novich Interview | February 21, 2010
Jeff Novich runs VocabSushi, an online service that scours the daily news from around the U.S. to find actual examples of specific words, in order to help students improve their vocabulary. Jeff was an SAT tutor in New York City before starting VocabSushi. Jeff told us the story of how he came up with the idea ...

Jeff Novich: A Better Way To Learn
Take the LEAP | February 15, 2010
I love Sushi. For me it’s one of the most perfect food creations of mankind. Pure, elegant, tasty. Everything you need. VocabSushi transfers those features into a vocabulary learning tool. You see, I am already excited about this product and yes, I admit it impressed me right from the start.

VocabSushi – Bitesize Learning
EDUKWEST | February 11, 2010
Well, now there's a site that can help you brush up on your vocab without pulling out a No. 2 pencil. Check out, a site that scours the Web for big words in articles from daily newspapers (we're sure a few Maureen Dowd columns are in there!) and helps users learn the words in contextual sentences. So long, flashcards!

VocabSushi: Read The Times Without a Dictionary!
New York Observer | July 8, 2009
This is an overview of the features that make VocabSushi the best vocab learning site on the web. Jeff Novich, the site’s creator, presented a demo at the July 2009 NY Tech Meetup to an audience of more than 700 techies. Click here to watch the presentation

VocabSushi Presentation
New York Tech Meetup | July 2009
Memorizing new words is easier when you see them used in a real world context. VocabSushi lets you do just that. It is a free interactive vocabulary builder, which lets build your vocabulary by seeing word usage in the daily news.
What I love about this vocabulary learning tool is the context it creates for language. It's a kinda cross-curricular bento box. It's part vocab tool, part current events tools, part reading comprehension support tool. And it's pretty.

vocabsushi: a cross-curricular bento box
School Library Journal | July 4, 2009
In a world of free web applications and content creators relying on eyeballs and advertising to pay the bills, VocabSushi has come up with a service that I could imagine paying for.

New Startup: VocabSushi | Jun 17, 2009
Trying to memorize 8,000 SAT words can be a daunting task even for the most assiduous of students. But Larchmont native and SAT tutor Jeff Novich has launched a new Web site that helps students learn vocabulary the old-fashioned way — by reading.
We've taken a break from reviewing elevator pitches for awhile but we're back with a good one: VocabSushi. The pitch is concise yet detailed and manages to pack in a good amount of content into a one-minute pitch. The founder, Jeff Novich (an SAT tutor), even managed to squeeze in the price points for the services.
In an nutshell, this is a young resource that will let you build your vocabulary by playing games that take into account real-world usage and which adapt to your skill and expertise as you go on. - Build Up Your Vocabulary
Killer Startups | Jun 5, 2009

Press Releases

VocabSushi, Innovative Study Tool, Teaches Vocab Using Sentences From the News

June 1, 2009 - NEW YORK - VocabSushi ( today launched a revolutionary vocabulary learning service that helps students study for the SAT by culling sentences from news articles that make deft use of target words.

"When you learned English, you didn't sit down with 1,000 flash cards," said VocabSushi creator Jeff Novich, who developed the program while tutoring students in Manhattan for the SAT. "You listened to people talk and you read stories, and when there was a word you didn't recognize, you figured out its meaning based on context. Why should that learning process be any different for test preparation?"

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