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With VocabSushi, flash cards are a thing of the past. The best way to build your vocabulary is not rote memorization. It's seeing how words are used in everyday language. VocabSushi helps you prepare for the ISEE, SAT, ACT, GRE or other standardized test by teaching you vocab words with real-world, contextual examples found in the daily news. We're different than any other test preparation option, and here's how:

Real sentences from the news teach context along with definitions

We scour the daily news from around the U.S. to find actual examples of your vocab words. Read selected sentences or whole articles to build a strong grasp of context.

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Comprehensive vocabulary for major standardized tests

Our background is in tutoring, so we understand the ISEE, SAT, ACT, GRE and other standardized tests from the inside out. We've compiled our vocabulary lists based on the actual word sets used in these tests, so the words you study stand a good chance of being on the test!

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Adaptive technology grows with you

To make the most of your time, our system only gives you words that will challenge you, and skips the ones you might already know. And as you learn, we track your progress overall and for every word. When you learn words, they're automatically replaced with newer, more challenging ones.

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Never-ending supply of new sentence completion questions

On the major standardized tests, you need to know how to use words in context by filling in the blank. With VocabSushi, you can practice these questions for all your words as long as you like using real-world sentences and usages from the news.

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Hear how words are pronounced

We've recorded MP3 pronunciations, definitions and sample sentences for nearly every VocabSushi word. Next to any word you can click the Play icon to hear the word spoken aloud.

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Learn on the go: MP3s Downloads, Podcasts, and Printables

You don't have to be at a computer to learn with VocabSushi. With our offline tools, you can download MP3s of words you're learning, have those MP3s delivered automatically with a podcast, or print a customized quiz or study sheet for the words you're learning.

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Stay informed while reading articles that include your vocab words

We customize your reading lists to the words you're actually learning, so you can just read the news that you're interested in and will help you prepare for the big test.

Tour of VocabSushi: Read full articles to see words in context

Look up any word, anytime

If you're studying and get stuck on a word you don't know, use VocabSushi to look it up, see it in context, and add it to your list to learn it.

Tour of VocabSushi: Word profiles let you dig into words