About VocabSushi

VocabSushi is the premier Website for anyone looking to learn vocabulary and have fun doing it. It is ideal for students studying for standardized tests, and is also perfect for anyone looking to expand his or her vocabulary to communicate more precisely. We invite you to learn more about how the site works, read our FAQ, but most importantly, sign up for free to check out all the features.

The VocabSushi Method

When you learned English, you did not sit down with 1,000 flash cards. Instead, you listened to people talk or read stories and whenever you encountered a word you didn't recognize, you deduced its meaning based on the context of the sentence. Why should that learning process be any different now?

The VocabSushi philosophy believes you can learn the meanings of words faster, more accurately and more efficiently by reading through sentences rather than just trying to memorize definitions. Many words, for example, commonly appear with other words – such as "an egregious error" or "an intrepid reporter" – which can clue the reader in on the word's appropriate usage as well as its general meaning.

Based on this philosophy, VocabSushi provides thousands of sentences that demonstrate any vocab word's contemporary usage in news articles. Compared to the brute force method of flashcard definitions, a deeper understanding of the word can be attained simply by reading several interesting sentences that contain that word.

Created by an SAT Tutor

Jeff NovichVocabSushi was conceived and created by Jeff Novich, an SAT tutor in New York City who considers vocab-building a necessary but often tedious part of writing well, communicating effectively... and scoring well on standardized tests. Jeff realized by reading short passages with difficult vocabulary, students would not only grasp context but also improve their reading comprehension, learn what's going on in the world and painlessly discover new words, all without lists, cards or dictionaries. The concept evolved into this site where Jeff hopes bitesize sentences will help improve everyone's vocabulary.

Jeff earned a dual degree in physics and computer science from Johns Hopkins University and a masters in journalism from Columbia University. He has always been fascinated by the written word and how an extensive vocabulary empowers writers to convey ideas using precise language.